Is Concrete Roofing for You?

Concrete roofing may sound strange since we tend to think of concrete as very heavy and something that a roof wouldn’t normally support. Of course, a concrete roof will need more support than a traditional shingle roof and the side-walls will also need to be strong enough to withstand the additional weight. For this reason concrete roofing is usually used on structures that are also made of concrete and are capable of standing up to the stresses of a heavy roof.

To construct a concrete roof a contractor will create a form and place a sturdy wire mesh called rebar inside it. Once the concrete is poured the rebar is embedded inside and helps to create a sturdy slab that is less likely to sag, heave or crack. While this type of application is more suited to flat roofs, with the help of a qualified roofing contractor, it can be used on almost any style of roof.

The Advantages of Concrete Roofing

Concrete roofing has many advantages over traditional asphalt or cedar shingles. Concrete won’t burn which makes it an ideal material for fire prone areas and possibly providing homeowners with a discount on their insurance policies. Concrete is also impervious to termite, carpenter ant and rodent infestation. It resists mold, mildew and water damage, all of which make it a good building material for homes built on flood plains.

Concrete Roofing Options

If concrete roofing sounds like an attractive option but not the idea of a concrete slab, there are also concrete roof tiles available. These are manufactured in many shapes and colors and can be manufactured to look like other roofing materials. If you like the look of clay tiles, concrete can be made to mimic the look at about half the cost and concrete tiles. While both clay and concrete are heavy, some concrete tiles are manufactured using lighter additives, making the need for additional support less of a concern.

The initial cost of concrete roofing can be quite high when compared to other roofing materials but looking at the advantages it could pay for itself in durability and longevity.